Friday, January 19, 2007

StopFlash Menopause Relief

Helps Provide Relief from Hotflashes,
NightSweats and Sleeplessness!

During Menopause a Majority of Women Experience Hot Flashes, Night Sweats and Sleeplessness. You're probably one of them.

Created by Women for Women

Stopflash has been created by Dr. Theresa Sehi, D.C. as a means to help relieve the debilitating effects of hot flashes, night sweats, sleeplessness and even mild mood swings. As a chiropractic doctor and holistic practitioner for over 26 years, she drew upon not only her personal experience with hot flashes, but her knowledge of allopathic and alternative medicine to create Stopflash.

Now this product is available to you. Its small size makes it easy to slip in your pocket or purse. Keep it with you at all times especially by your bedside at night. The pleasant taste of Stopflash makes it possible to use even during meals.

StopFlash is an Active-Participation Remedy. This means that you should keep StopFlash with you at all times and use it as directed to get the desired results and to help you manage your menopausal symptoms. Use StopFlash at the first sign of hot flash, night sweats, sleeplessness or other menopausal symptoms.

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Prostacine Forte


Now there's an advanced natural way to help promote optimum prostate health, comfort, and sexual health. It's a precisely calibrated formula called Prostacine Forte, developed by Dr. James Chappell. Every man who suffers with a prostate issue knows these conditions all too well! In fact, it's estimated that by the time a man hits fifty, 75% will be aware of their prostate whether they like it or not! Prostate health, comfort, and sexual intimacy suddenly can become growing concerns.

Prostacine Forte Supports Healthy Prostate Function as a Free-Flowing Urine Stimulator, Anti-Inflammatant and Immune Modulator

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Synthovial 7 (Hyaluronic Acid)

Health Regained, Youth Maintained

Synthovial Seven helps rejuvenate your stiff joints while helping to diminish the telltale signs of aging on your skin!

Your joints, bones, and cartilage – need hyaluronic acid to keep bone from grinding against bone. It is the substance that keeps your joints lubricated and flexible. Synthovial Seven is the "natural gel" that helps maintain comfort for joints of any age.

Your eyes – your eyeball is highly concentrated with hyaluronic acid. Almost all the fluid inside your eye is made of it. It acts like a natural cushion for your sight. Synthovial Seven provides this precious fluid to help support clear, sharp vision.

Your skin – Synthovial Seven pure hyaluronic acid can help fight those awful signs of aging. The greatest amounts of it are found in your skin tissues. This natural substance helps build the collagen within skin, helping keep it firm, supple, and younger looking. Crows feet by the eyes, premature aged skin, "prune lips", and more possibly could be signs of a lack of hyaluronic acid. Synthovial Seven is the secret age-defying nutrient that thousands of people have started using to fight the signs of aging.

For joints that are flexible, optimum vision, and skin that looks radiant, Synthovial Seven is a "must".

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